David grew up in the city of Ventura, California. As a child he spent time surfing and riding skateboards with his friends. He was involved in Little League Baseball and the Boy Scouts of America. His family owned The Ojai Valley Cleaners and Laundry for over twenty years. He delivered newspapers on his bicycle and did yard work for the neighbors. For his eighth birthday his father gave him a magic set and he was hooked for life. He then began performing every chance he could, the school talent show, church meetings, charities, street fairs, etcÖ

At the age of thirteen David was accepted into the Magic Castleís Junior Magicians Program. This is an exclusive program, which accepts only a few of the hundreds of applications it receives each year. The young performers then receive training and advice from the best magicians in the world. Later he was accepted into the Chavez College of Prestidigitation, taught by Dale Salwak, which is the only magic college in the world. He is also experienced in the art of escapes such as strait-jackets, handcuffs, even Houdiniís famous water filled Milk Can Escape. He won First Place in the Hollywood Cavalcade of Magic.

The Mayor of the City of Ventura gave David a proclamation celebrating Magic Days in the city. He also served for two years as President of the Society of American Magicians, chapter 135.

David studied the acting technique of Sanford Meisner, under the guidance of Martin Barter, Director of the Sanford Meisner Center in North Hollywood, California. This two-year program involves listening and answering, improvisations, behavior, and Mr. Meisnerís famous repetition exercise. "This was one of the most important classes of my life" David said.

He has also studied several styles of martial arts, including: White Lotus Kung Fu with Master Douglas L Wong, Filipino Kali with Sifu Dan Inosanto and Kenpo Karate with Sensei Rusty Garvin. He has also trained in Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Capoeira, Western Boxing, Sword Fighting/Fencing, Kendo and Stunt Fighting.

Today David is busy acting in films and television, performing as a stuntman and magician and continues to study magic and the martial arts. He has taught several classes on magic, martial arts, self-defense and abduction prevention for Kidís in Motion, After School Enrichment Program. As a Certified Fitness Instructor, he has taught for the YMCA, Nautilus of California, Ventura County Parks and Recreation Department and currently holds private classes.



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